Name in Chinese: 海南省博物馆 Hǎinán shěng bówùguǎn

The Hainan Museum opened in 2009 and will give you an insight into the history of Hainan. Sometimes there are collections from outside Hainan. Entrance is free.

博 物馆设有10个展厅,面积约8000平方米,展览突出海南特色、民族特色和边疆特色。基本陈列展示了海南历史、海南少数民族、海南非物质文化遗产、海南馆 藏文物精品4个专题。在特别陈列"重器灵光",则展出了国家文物局入藏海南省博物馆的三件珍贵文物:越王亓北古剑、唐三彩马和宋青白釉花口凤首壶,为海南 省博物馆的镇馆之宝。地址:海口市国兴大道68号

Getting There 乘车路线:

Hainan Museum is located in the east of Haikou city on Guoxing Avenue.

Bus: Catch either 20, 26, 30, or 5 from opposite side of the road, outside the hostel. Get off at the Bell Tower (zhong lou 钟楼) then change bus to either 27 or 43 to Guoxing Dadao. 马路对面坐20/26/30/5路车,在钟楼站下,再换乘27/43路车到国兴大道即到

The museum is close to Five Officials Temple so if you visit the temple first you can then go to the museum.


Taxi: about 25 RMB.乘出租车需要花费人民币25元左右

Bicycle: about 40 minutes.自行车有40分钟左右的车程