There are more and more water-sports available in Haikou. There is a windsurfing and sailing club on Xixiu Beach in Haikou. Xixiu Beach is just to the west of Haikou city, just before Haikou's Holiday Beach.

Windsurf rental prices are 100-150 RMB per day. Tuition is available, but do not expect much spoken English.

Windsurfing in Haikou

Address of Windsurfing and Sailing Club in Haikou:

Xixiu Beach, Binhai West Road, Haikou City, Hainan Province.

地址: 海南省海口市滨海西路西秀海滩公园. Hǎinán shěng, hǎikǒu shì, bīnhǎi xi lù, xī xiù hǎitān gōngyuán.

  • Hainan Sail Organisation:

Telephone 与我联系: 0898-68648956